Heart Transplantation



June 29, 2020

Relation of Length of Survival After Orthotopic Heart Transplantation to Age of the Donor

Shudo, Y., Guenther, S. P., Lingala, B., He, H., Hiesinger, W., MacArthur, J. W., Currie, M. E., Lee, A. M., Boyd, J. H., Woo, Y. J.

We aim to evaluate the impact of donor age on the outcomes in orthotropic heart transplantation recipients. The United Network for Organ Sharing database was queried for adult patients (age; ≥60) underwent first-time orthotropic heart transplantation between 1987 and 2019 (n = 18,447). We stratified the cohort by donor age; 1,702 patients (9.2%) received a heart from a donor age of <17 years; 11,307 patients (61.3%) from a donor age of 17 ≥, < 40; 3,525 patients (19.1%) from a donor age of 40 ≥, < 50); and 1,913 patients (10.4%) from a donor age of ≥50. There was a significant difference in the survival likelihood (p < 0.0001) based on donor's age-based categorized cohort, however, the median survival was 10.5 years in the cohort in whom the donor was <17, 10.3 years in whom the donor was 17 ≥, < 40, 9.4 years in whom the donor was 40 ≥, < 50, and 9.0 years in whom the donor was ≥ 50. Additionally, there was no significant difference in the episode of acute rejection (p = 0.19) nor primary graft failure (p = 0.24). In conclusion, this study demonstrated that patients receiving hearts from the donor age of ≥50 years old showed slight inferior survival likelihood, but appeared to be equivalent median survival.

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